"You've gotta pretend you're the guy, and you don't wanna die." - Matty's life-saving quote.

Matty Patten was the son of Lieutenant Colonel Violet van Patten and an unidentified father, the two of which divorced in either late 2013 or early 2014. Matty got away from the divorce by playing video games. In 2014, it was Matty's birthday, and this caused him to get a ton of video games and video game systems for his "double-birthday". This caused Adam Sandler, who was working for the Nerd Brigade at the time, to come over to the house to install the game systems. As Sandler was installing the systems, Matty and Adam bonded, until Adam was done, and he called Violet to come and pay him. Matty presumably played video games when this was occurring.

Later, when Adam and his childhood friend Ludlow Lamonsoff were training Navy SEALs to play video games to fight the aliens, Matty was present during Ludlow's big speech to the SEALs.

Later again, after the Battle of New York, Matty and Adam were taking some downtime, playing a first-person shooter video game alongside their newfound friend Q*Bert. After this downtime, a party is hosted for the Arcaders who have been waging the war, and Matty is present. The kid is also the one who reveals to Eddie Plant that Eddie's glasses have the Pac-Man cheat codes on them. But, the aliens interrupt the party and abduct Matty, putting him into Donkey Kong.

Later, when various video games were launched onto Washington, DC. The Arcaders, now with the help of Kevin James, eventually make their way to Kong, rescuing Matty as well as a U.S. Army soldier and an Indian man. After this, the aliens are (seemingly) defeated and the world is saved. Matty is present at the White House when the Arcaders are awarded by President Richard Martinez as Vice President Frank Underwood watches from the spot right next to Martinez.

Around 2 months after the conclusion of the First Arcade War, Matty was killed in a car accident that both his mother and his new adopted father, Adam Sandler, survived. The couple mourned the loss of their son greatly.

Appearances Edit

Pixels (First appearance)

Pixels: 16-Bit (Appears in photograph only)