Torgo, formerly known as John Reynolds Torgo, was a man who came under the influence of The

Master. However, he was a normal man before that, and was born to an average American family in the year 1951. But, after attempting to travel to the sought-after hotel Valley Lodge in 1966, Torgo's family car crashed, leaving him as the only survivor. He eventually wandered for a while, searching for law enforcement, but instead found the home of The Master. Torgo's family was the first recorded instance of people trying to find Valley Lodge. After Torgo arrived, he was taught by The Master about the Book of Manos, a cult book teaching of the aforementioned deity.

10 years after his first encounter with The Master, in 1976, the man once known as John was now known only as Torgo, and he acted as The Master's main enforcer for passerby. During this year, a man named Michael, as well as his wife and daughter, came to The Master's house in hopes of finding a way to repair their car. However, what they came upon was Torgo, who kept trying to make advances on Michael's wife. Torgo also had objections about Michael and his family staying the night, but they insisted anyway.

Later, when The Master is preparing to make Michael's wife and daughter his wives, Torgo attempts to take one of The Master's wives, betraying the Prophet of Manos. However, Torgo's left hand was severed from his arm, and the man ran off into the darkness, presumably never to be seen again. However, at some point in the 43 years between 1976 and 2020, Manos manifested into Torgo's body, thus returning the evil deity into the world, as prophesied in the verse Manos 20:3: "And so, the great being known only as Manos shall return on the day that the calender reads 15th of November, 2020."

Two years later, in 2022, Manos exited Torgo's body, revealing his true form, and presumably annihilating the final fragments of Torgo that remained.

Appearances Edit

Manos: Rise of Torgo (First chronological appearance)

Manos: The Hands of Fate (First actual appearance)

Mark v. Torgo: Dawn of the Truth

Manos Returns (Post-credits scene only)

Smosh: The Movie (Post-credits scene only)